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Are you an experienced software development professional who wants to focus on the essential, always aims for first-class results and get generous compensation for your work?

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Compile’s employees work with our customers from different industries in their development projects in web services, mobile applications and IoT projects.  Employee satisfaction is the only way to enable high customer satisfaction, which is why we invest heavily in the well-being of our employees. We all listen to and are treated as valuable individuals, not as one of many faceless assembly-line workers. 

Skilled software developers enable the creation of technically sustainable and long-term cost-effective solutions. Therefore, our employees need to have the capability and desire to think about the sustainability of technologies and architecture over the coming years.

Support from a competent community

Here, you will become part of a community of top professionals with hard-core experience, just like you, who will be there to help when needed and encourage continuous professional growth. What we know now will not be enough in the coming years, which is why we are investing heavily in the continuous development of competence. We also support our consultants in their own work, for example by keeping a continuous dialogue with the customers about the progress of the projects in the steering groups. 

Minimising bureaucracy

We do not burden our skilled workers with unnecessary corporate bullshit. By removing obstacles that hinder your work and success, we create an environment in which the full potential of our employees can be unleashed. Investing in well-being at work and enabling you to focus on what’s essential is our way of ensuring that our employees have the best possible starting points for high-quality work and therefore successful customer projects. Everyone gets to choose the tools, and working hours that are the most suitable for them. Remote work opportunities and holidays can be fully negotiated with the customer.

Generous salary

If a great deal is required of the competence of developers, we also believe that we must be prepared to pay generous compensation for it. We invest in the salaries of our employees so that everyone can decide for themselves what they want to spend it on. This way, we enable each of our employees to have their the work and free time they want. Every month, Compile’s employees cash very generous compensation for a job well done.

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