Press release: The fastest growing company in Finland, Compile, announced its net sales for 2020 – operating profit increased by 242 per cent, compared to the previous year

The Finnish software consulting company Compile’s net sales for 2020 rose to EUR 6.8 million (an increase of 51 per cent). Operating profit also grew handsomely, by 242 per cent, from the previous year. In addition to a strong financial performance, Compile scored a top score in the 2020 employee satisfaction survey – despite the pandemic.

Known as the responsible software consulting professional house, Compile has grown from six employees to an IT house of over 50 employees over the past three years. Growth continued briskly, also during the Covid-19 pandemic. Compile’s ambitious goal this year is to increase its staff by 30 new coders.

“The year saw a lot of changes and challenges: the pandemic surprised and tested, and the work changed radically. Despite working remotely, we continued to grow sustainably and achieved top results. Thanks to both our customers and our amazing team,” explains Ilkka Saunamäki, CEO of Compile.

A strong growth path was also quoted on Kauppalehti’s website – Compile was awarded the 2020 Successors certificate. Compile was also ranked 5th in the prestigious Deloitte Technology Fast 50 competition. The competition acknowledges and lists the fastest growing technology companies in Finland.

“Compile is well on its way to becoming one of the best-known IT companies in Finland,” Saunamäki says.

Employee satisfaction peaks despite the pandemic

Compile’s annual employee satisfaction survey scores peaked, despite the pandemic. The review was conducted by using the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), which reveals how willing employees are to recommend their own workplace to their friends and colleagues. In an eNPS review, a company gets a score between -100 and 100. A score of more than 20 points is very good.

Compile reached a top score of 70 and received a Future Workplace certificate from the testing company Signi. It is earned when the corporate culture of the employees’ own workplace is managed with exceptionally good employee understanding.

“At the heart of Compile’s philosophy are happy and committed employees. Only by ensuring the wellbeing of workers can sustainable growth be achieved. Here, everyone is listened to and treated as a valuable individual. We support our employees in all possible life situations – whether it’s the hectic early years of child rearing, an end of a relationship, a complex work project or a generally difficult life situation,” says Mika Perttilä, founder of Compile. “Employee satisfaction is directly linked to the company’s growth and we will continue to invest in it.”

Read more about the results of the personnel survey:

Compile at a glance

Compile, a technology company, provides sustainable software consulting for demanding customers. At Compile, every employee is treated as an individual, which is reflected in both high wellbeing at work and sustainable growth. Established in 2013, Compile’s customers are mainly large listed companies in manufacturing, media and commerce. Instead of bouncy castles and pinball machines, Compile invests in employees’ wages – the company pays its employees significantly higher than the average.

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the eNPS calculation is based on the Employee Net Promoter Score formula developed by Fred Reichheld, which was originally used to study the customer experience and customer satisfaction of companies. Lately, it has also been used to research employee satisfaction (e as in employee + NPS).

This is how the calculation is performed.

We ask our employees once a year, “How likely are you to recommend your workplace to friends or acquaintances on a scale of 0 to 10?” Then we ask for clarification with an open question: “Why did you submit this score?”.

Those who submit a score of 9 or 10 are called promoters. Those who submit a score from 0 to 6 are called detractors.

The eNPS result is calculated by subtracting the relative percentage of detractors from the relative percentage of promoters. Other answers are allocated a score of 0.

The calculation results can be anything from -100 to +100. Results between +10 and +30 are considered to be good, and results above +50 are considered to be excellent.