Insights, experiences and tips from experienced senior coders on software development and culture of doing well

What is sustainable software development?

Sustainable development is becoming a topic of discussion in the IT industry due to the software industry’s growing carbon footprint and increasing social responsibility, among other things. Many business and social functions are becoming more dependent on software,...

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Million Euro Button – Developer and Style Guides

Separating content from technical creation and layout has long been clear in online services and applications, but what is going on with the current component libraries and style guides? And what should a developer in particular know about the subject, even if they do...

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So the “Walk The Talk” means exactly what it should

“I like the fact that Compile doesn’t have the bureaucracy of a big organisation. This is refreshing. In a small organisation, you get to do things very diversely. Nowadays I find myself doing all sorts of random things in addition to sales, such as orienteering. I’ve...

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A/B testing tells you what you should do differently

A/B testing is a statistical method and it can bring tangible business benefits. A/B testing measures the impact of a single change on the end result: what is worth doing differently? “In A/B testing, it is important to know what is being done and to decide the...

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Why Compile?

What makes a person change jobs? Let alone change jobs when the old one is ok? And why Compile? From the very beginning, it has been important for us to find the right kind of people to join our work community: people whose skills complement each other and who are...

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Why does a software project become a nightmare?

“First of all, the schedule comes from above. The timetable was not realistic in the first place. We're trying to do this with haste. They don't even try to find out in advance whether it's realistic or not.” The answer to the question in the title comes from deep...

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What builds customer trust?

Actions build customer trust: Keeping promises, meeting the customer's expectations, being able to listen and understand. It is based on the ability to say no, problem solving, professionalism and competence – the feeling that things get done and that you don't have...

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A successful software project requires humble leadership.

The software project has been going on for six months. It has been established that the requirements are unclear and that some of the features cannot be achieved. The workers already know at this stage that the project will be long. Sound familiar? This is a moment...

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