Cloud Engineer

Compile is a professional company for sustainable software development, whose entire operations are based on long-term high quality. Our hard-core experts work with our customers from different industries in their development projects in web services, mobile applications and IoT projects creating solutions that enable our customers, the surrounding society and the environment to stay competitive in the future.

Employee satisfaction is the only way to enable high customer satisfaction, which is why we invest heavily in the well-being of our employees. We all listen to and are treated as valuable individuals, not as one of many faceless assembly-line workers. We are looking for people who are skilled and who want to be able to develop their own work and workplace in the direction of their choosing.

What do our cloud professionals do?

At an accelerating pace, our customers are switching to commercial cloud services. A typical cloud service struggles with large data, high loads or availability. Our cloud professionals solve the architectural, structural, availability and scalability challenges related to them. The projects primarily implement new solutions based on microservice and serverless architecture. A genuine understanding of the equation of efficiency and cost is very important. Typically, we work with a listed company or in key public administration projects.

You are the cloud expert we are looking for if you have:

  • Strong Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform expertise (certifications ia a plus)
  • Solid software development expertise (Java, Scala, Javascript, Node.js)
  • Understanding of both cloud strengths and weaknesses
  • Skills and desire to think about the sustainability of technologies and architecture in years to come
  • Attitude. Our employees have identified Compile as a workplace for adult. An open, firm, conversational and decisive approach is the key to everything.

When you join us, you will receive:

  • Suitably challenging job with interesting customer projects.
  • Support from a competent community. Our experienced professionals ensure that you learn from the best and improve your skills with our high-core software developers. Here, you’ll never be left alone with problems.
  • An escape from the “corporate bullshit” way of life. By removing obstacles that hinder your work and success, we ensure that you are able to focus on the essential both at work and in your free time.
  • A proper salary and work that suits you. We invest in the salaries of our employees so that everyone can decide for themselves what they want to spend it on.

Apply for a position

the eNPS calculation is based on the Employee Net Promoter Score formula developed by Fred Reichheld, which was originally used to study the customer experience and customer satisfaction of companies. Lately, it has also been used to research employee satisfaction (e as in employee + NPS).

This is how the calculation is performed.

We ask our employees once a year, “How likely are you to recommend your workplace to friends or acquaintances on a scale of 0 to 10?” Then we ask for clarification with an open question: “Why did you submit this score?”.

Those who submit a score of 9 or 10 are called promoters. Those who submit a score from 0 to 6 are called detractors.

The eNPS result is calculated by subtracting the relative percentage of detractors from the relative percentage of promoters. Other answers are allocated a score of 0.

The calculation results can be anything from -100 to +100. Results between +10 and +30 are considered to be good, and results above +50 are considered to be excellent.