Compile’s founders’ supposition about the best possible job satisfaction was put to a real test. The results of a staff survey at the end of 2020 were particularly exciting for the founders, as the company’s revenue had grown by 50% during a period marked by uncertainty due to the global pandemic and a sudden change in working practices. However, the concern was unnecessary as the company received top marks from its employees. 

Rigid corporate culture, overbearing management, inflexibility in job selection, lack of work motivation. 

When Compile’s founders Juha Heikkinen and Mika Perttilä came up with the idea of founding their own consulting company five years ago, their focus was on an extremely important matter: satisfied employees. In their previous jobs, both had witnessed what happens when employee satisfaction is not prioritised. 

The founders’ thesis was that happy employees want to do their jobs as well as possible and continuously learn more, which naturally leads to high customer satisfaction. 

Job satisfaction was put to the real test during the pandemic

The founders ’philosophy was put to the test when the satisfaction of Compile’s employees was tested across the entire staff. The results of the staff survey were particularly exciting for the founders, as the company had grown rapidly during a period marked by uncertainty caused by the global pandemic and a sudden change in working practices. 

“Of course, we were anxious, especially after a whole year of turmoil, we had to transition to remote work with haste, and we no longer saw our employees in the office as often as before,” says Perttilä. 

However, the concern was unnecessary as the company received top marks from its employees. The Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) was used to conduct the review, which reveals how willing employees are to recommend their own job to their friends and colleagues. In an eNPS review, a company gets a score between -100 and 100, and scores over 20 are very good.

Compile reached a top score of 70 and received a Future Workplace certificate from the testing company Signi, which is earned when the corporate culture of the own workplace is managed with exceptionally good employee understanding.

Appropriate expectation management

What makes Compile’s employees recommend their workplace to their friends and colleagues? 

In the employee survey, statements such as Meaningful tasks, Fair pay and Benefits in kind, and Freedom to work regardless of time and place were mentioned as the most relevant. 

“We talk openly and honestly about what the work entails. Our consultants know that you can’t always work on your favourite assignments, but in the long run, we want our employees to be able to do tasks where they can excel,” Perttilä says. 

Jaakko Mutikainen has been working as a full stack coder at Compile for about a year. According to him, the best things about Compile are the generous salary, interesting work tasks and employee autonomy. “A good salary is the best motivator, but I also find it important that I can organise my working days the way I want,” says Mutikainen.  

During the pandemic, our team spirit has manifested itself by increasing the size of our team. The number and frequency of digital channels and appointments have been taken to a whole new level. “Remote work can be a lonely affair, and we’ve wanted to enable the encounters on digital channels. And when the pandemic is over, we’ll have a decent party with the group,” says Perttilä. 

Compile’s secret sauce – free hands and a generous salary

When creating the business of the future, the competence must remain at the top level. At the same time, in different life situations, employees want different things.

“When one wants to develop professional skills in addition to work, the other wants to spend quality time with their family at the end of the working day and the third wants to immerse themselves in hobbies after work. Our employees decide for themselves when they focus on work, development at work and when they want to enjoy their daily lives,” says Perttilä. 

The founders’ decision on a generous salary enables everyone to have their own everyday life and it helps to balance work and free time.

Compile’s consultants work closely with customers, in a different way than large consulting companies where the customer becomes invisible. This is made possible by Compile’s compact size and the active support of its founders. A systematic customer care model ensures that no one is left alone with the customer – support is ready and available.

“As we take care of the recruitment ourselves, we immediately get to talk about what the employee wants from their workplace and how we, as an employer, can help him get the best possible job satisfaction,” concludes Perttilä.

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